Greetings to you!

Welcome to the Highly Unlucky Archives, a site created to showcase my creations. You can think of me as a Doctor Frankenstein and my art as my Monsters. Although I'm sure I'm a better father.

Here you'll find both fanart for a broad range of series, and original art of my own characters. You can also find out more about some of my characters in the respective tab above! If you'd like to know more about me, you can check out the About tab, and if you'd like to see my social media or commission info, check out the Contact tab!

If you're curious about the site's title, it's based on my username on most sites. I'm known as UnluckyError404 in most places, which was originally a reference to Lucky Guy from the game Identity V. It's actual original form was "Error 404: Identity not Found," however that's very long and not the best for consistent branding. Therefore, UnluckyError404 was born. It's not too fun or storied of a history, but I think it's interesting anyway!

This site shouldn't have any content warnings, there shouldn't be any flashing, and the content included shouldn't be anything upsetting or offensive. I myself can get headaches from bright colours and flashing, so it's designed in a way that's comfortable for me. If there are any issues, let me know.

Note that this site is heavily under construction!