Toshiri Isoptera

Toshiri is a Touhou Project fancharacter who is shipped with the canon character Yamame Kurodani. She is a termite youkai who resides between Gensokyo and the Underworld, and she has the ability to control the strength of things.

She is heavily involved in construction, particularly in constructing buildings for characters in Gensokyo, the Underworld and in Old Hell. She is generally introverted and prefers to spend time in small groups, particularly with other insect characters such as Wriggle Nightbug and Momoyo Himemushi, as well as her girlfriend Yamame.

She is written to be autistic, and has flat expressions and intonation. She can be very blunt and literal, keeping her sentences short and clear, and doesn't put in a particular effort to manners or politeness. She has an interest in rock and ore.

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Gin Shimizu

Gin is a Danganronpa fancharacter from an entirely original killing game taking place after the first two danganronpa games (as well as the anime and spin-off game Ultra Despair Girls.) She is the Ultimate Surgeon, and is a lesbian.

A strange girl, Gin has an incredibly strong passion for medicine and surgery, and a knowledge and talent with it equivalent to people who have been practicing officially for as long as she's been alive. She has an incredibly fascination with the human body, especially the way it reacts to medicine and chemicals.

Gin's personality is one of two sides- the front which she presents to others, and her true self and true intentions hidden underneath. While appearing as polite, caring, very concerned with the health of those around her and willing to sacrifice her time to help themm. But underneath, Gin is she's willing to manipulate and use people as much as it takes to succeed at her specific goal.


Luck is a Minecraft Roleplay character who developed into a character outside of the original roleplay. Now, he's a simple OC who's story just happens to take place in a minecraft world. They are mostly human, but have a connection to the void below the Minecraft world that they can't quite understand.

Luck also suffer from Amnesia, having washed up on the beach of an island one day with no memories of who he was before he turned up there. All they had to connect them to their past life was a broken clock clasped firmly in their hand, with the word "luck" engraved on the back. He decided this must be his name,

They also struggle with hallucinations, hearing ticking often that isn't audible to anyone else. When he sleeps, he dreams of himself floating in the void, and occasionally sees imagery and symbolism predicting future events related to the island he washed up on.